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Title: cfdocument crashes/hangs server with many pages BugID: 1367 Date Opened: 15-May-07
Created By:
Joe Gooch
Philadelphia Pennsylvania CFUG
Type: Tag Element/Element: cfdocument
Severity: Crashes CF Server Status: New/Unvalidated
Adobe BugID:

Description of bug:

A D D     Y O U R     C O M M E N T S     T O     T H I S     B U G

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Click on this to respond to the current comment Comment   [Joe Gooch]   [Monday, Jun 11, 2007 05:49 PM]
Problem still occurs in Scorpio public beta, but seems to be a little better, mainly because it takes less time to generate and uses less ram. Bump up the pages by other 500 or so and the problem happens again.

So it seems the general methods used in cfdocument haven't changed significantly (i.e. no virtualization) however the efficiency of the tag has improved.


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